City of Dreams Luxury Resort in Manila, Philippines

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Client: Jack Travol
Project Start: 24/04/2020
Product Required: 5900 Product
Investors Website:
Client Location: Slovenija, Ljubljana
Value: 587.000$
Other: Your Custom


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Welcome to the City of Dreams Manila, an extravagant and world-class resort located in the heart of the Philippines. This stunning destination sets the stage for opulence and entertainment on a grand scale. With three prestigious hotels, an elaborate casino complex, upscale dining options, lively nightclubs, shopping avenues, and even a theme park, this development promises a truly remarkable experience. Unveiled in 2015, this project embodies a multifaceted destination providing the perfect opportunity to incorporate a range of AMBICO’s specialized door and frame assemblies to meet various needs.

Enhancing Security and Safety

While the allure of this lavish resort is undeniable, security and safety take precedence. Recognizing this essential aspect, AMBICO stepped up by providing the City of Dreams Manila with outstanding bullet-resistant doors and bullet-resistant multi-blade vertical lift overhead doors. Engineered to achieve up to UL Level 4 (for regular doors) and UL Level 8 (for vertical lift doors) bullet resistance, these doors offer protection against a wide array of threats, from handguns to high-powered firearms. Maintaining a perfect balance between security and aesthetics, AMBICO designed these doors to blend seamlessly with the resort’s ambiance, exuding elegance and sleekness.

Beyond the Norm: Flood-Resistant Doors

In an exceptional demonstration of innovation, AMBICO’s flood-resistant doors were also integrated into the resort’s design. Addressing the unique challenge of safeguarding a space which houses large freshwater tanks, these specialized flood-resistant door and frame assemblies were put into action. These doors are built to withstand hydrostatic pressure and are equipped with robust seal systems to prevent water leakage to other areas in case of water tank issues.

Uplifting Safety Standards

The successful incorporation of AMBICO’s flood-resistant and bullet-resistant door assemblies within the City of Dreams Manila ensures an environment that is both secure and inviting. AMBICO’s contributions play a pivotal role in maintaining the safety and integrity of this awe-inspiring project.


As the curtains rise on the magnificent tapestry of the City of Dreams Manila, AMBICO’s influence can be felt in the details that reinforce and adorn this sprawling haven of indulgence. Through innovative solutions and meticulous design, AMBICO enhances the visitor experience while upholding the highest standards of security and safety. In the grand symphony of luxury and protection, AMBICO’s role resounds like a harmonious note, enriching the captivating story of the City of Dreams Manila.