Richard H. Hutchings Psychiatric Center

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Client: Jack Travol
Project Start: 24/04/2020
Product Required: 5900 Product
Investors Website:
Client Location: Slovenija, Ljubljana
Value: 587.000$
Other: Your Custom


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Balancing the critical requirements of strength, security, and patient comfort is a paramount challenge for behavioural health facility managers and building design teams. Addressing the need for a durable wood door that can withstand the physical demands of behavioural health patients has been a long-standing dilemma for architects in this field.

Innovative Solution: Anti-Barricade Security Wood Door & Steel Frame Assembly

In response to this challenge, AMBICO has taken a significant step forward by introducing a cutting-edge product that meets the demand for a robust solution. The result is the creation of AMBICO’s Anti-Barricade Security Wood Door & Steel Frame Assembly, which effectively combines the strength of proprietary structural steel with the warmth of wood.

Test Project: Richard H. Hutchings Psychiatric Center

A real-world application of AMBICO’s solution was seen in the renovation of the Richard H. Hutchings Psychiatric Center in Syracuse, New York. Established in 1972, the center required an upgrade for an area designated for particularly agitated patients. The challenge was to provide a door capable of withstanding years of abuse while maintaining a secure and comfortable environment.

Endorsement and Compliance

The effectiveness and safety of AMBICO’s Anti-Barricade Security Wood Door & Steel Frame Assembly have been extensively verified. The New York State Office of Mental Health has thoroughly tested and approved these assemblies, endorsing their use in behavioural health facilities. They are now included in the official Patient Safety Standards, Materials, and Systems Guidelines document.

Unique Features of Steel Frame Design

The steel frames developed by AMBICO come with a unique swing clear stop feature, allowing the door to swing in either direction for anti-barricade safety and security. These assemblies are equipped with a heavy-duty double-acting continuous hinge, further enhancing their functionality. As an added advantage, assemblies can be customized with various veneer species and finish options, including factory staining, clear coating, or prime painting, offering the patient the warmer ambiance of wood finishes.

Addressing a Long-standing Need

Architects and designers specializing in behavioural health facilities have long sought effective door solutions for high-risk areas like patient rooms. Traditional solid core wood doors have fallen short in terms of durability, while conventional steel doors have failed to contribute to the therapeutic and nurturing atmosphere preferred in such environments. The AMBICO Anti-Barricade Security Wood Door & Steel Frame Assembly has successfully bridged this gap.


The Richard H. Hutchings Psychiatric Center project stands as a testament to the effectiveness of AMBICO’s innovative solution. By combining the resilience of steel with the aesthetics of wood, this assembly offers a robust and secure option for behavioural health facilities, addressing the complex needs of strength, security, and patient well-being.