The Isabel Bader Center for Performing Arts

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Client: Jack Travol
Project Start: 24/04/2020
Product Required: 5900 Product
Investors Website:
Client Location: Slovenija, Ljubljana
Value: 587.000$
Other: Your Custom


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Nestled within the artistic heart of Kingston, ON, Canada, the Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts stands as a testament to AMBICO’s expertise in acoustic door solutions. This iconic centre, situated at Queen’s University, showcases AMBICO’s involvement in design, supply, and installation, providing nearly 100 carefully crafted wood and steel acoustic doors and steel frames.

Collaborative Design and Implementation

AMBICO’s partnership with the Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts commenced during the project’s early design stages and extended seamlessly through to the installation phase. This comprehensive involvement underscored AMBICO’s commitment to delivering excellence in acoustic and complete turn-key solutions.

Sound Control at the Core

Given the centre’s role as a performance hall, impeccable sound control was paramount. The architects relied on AMBICO’s acoustic solutions to ensure the seamless isolation of sound from one room to another. To meet this challenge, AMBICO engineered STC (Sound Transmission Class) 40 steel and wood doors, alongside STC 51 steel door and frame assemblies. Notably, the project also featured unequal pairs of STC 59 steel door and frame assemblies.

Uncompromising Acoustic Performance

In a performance hall where sound commands utmost attention, AMBICO’s doors stand guard, maintaining sound within each designated space and abating sound transfer from space to space. The doors feature meticulously crafted perimeter and bottom seals, complemented by astragal pairs that undergo rigorous testing in accordance with ASTM E-90 and E-413 standards.

A Love Story Behind the Scenes

Beyond the artistic splendour of the Isabel Bader Centre lies a story of enduring love. The centre’s namesake, Isabel Bader, and Alfred’s love story is one of resilience and rekindled romance. Having initially met aboard a ship, their paths diverged, only to intersect again years later. Their journey from courtship to marriage paints a backdrop of sentiment that echoes through the halls of the centre.

A Symphony of Generosity and Love

The creation of The Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts was brought to life through a harmonious blend of artistic vision and philanthropy. The project’s total cost of $63 million was notably enhanced by a generous contribution of $22 million from doctors Alfred and Isabel Bader. The centre pays homage to Isabel Bader’s affinity for music and theatre, forever commemorating her name and legacy.

Elevating the Experience

AMBICO’s acoustic doors and frames serve as a prime example of how specialized acoustic door and frame assemblies can enhance the visitor experience. These doors meticulously preserve the rich soundscape within each space, ensuring that performances within the Isabel Bader Centre resonate with the enchantment and intimacy of its namesake’s love story.


The Isabel Bader Centre for Performing Arts embodies the marriage of artistry, technology, and human connection. AMBICO’s commitment to acoustic excellence is showcased in the near 100 carefully designed doors and frames that envelope each performance space. As visitors are immersed in the harmonious ambiance, they become part of a legacy that encapsulates the enduring power of both artistic expression and love.