West Block Parliament and the Visitor Welcome Center

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Client: Jack Travol
Project Start: 24/04/2020
Product Required: 5900 Product
Investors Website: Topgear88.com
Client Location: Slovenija, Ljubljana
Value: 587.000$
Other: Your Custom


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The West Block Parliament and the adjacent Visitor Welcome Centre in Ottawa aren’t just historical landmarks; they’re shining examples of AMBICO’s skill in crafting unique door solutions. This partnership began in 2016 when AMBICO was invited to take part in the major renovations of Parliament Hill, the Canadian government’s core. This collaboration expanded to create over 50 distinctive doors and frames, each tailored to match the demands of both appearance and performance.

A Grand Entrance: The Visitor Welcome Centre

AMBICO’s involvement extended to the Visitor Welcome Centre, a project with immense historical importance as the first new construction on Parliament Hill in more than a century. This centre acts as a gateway, seamlessly connecting visitors from the modern world to Canada’s Parliament with its rich history. Working closely with architects, engineers, and other trades, AMBICO painstakingly designed entrance doors that capture the essence of Canada’s government. These doors, featuring intricate millwork and hand-crafted bronze elements, seamlessly blend bullet-resistant and blast-resistant characteristics into their design.

Preserving Heritage: The West Block

The West Block, a stunning piece of architecture completed in 1906, underwent a transformation to open its doors to the public. From housing the Parliamentary Library and MPs’ offices to hosting public tours, the West Block represents the heart of the nation’s governance. To maintain its historical significance while boosting functionality, AMBICO carefully integrated acoustic wood and acoustic steel doors.

A Harmony of Security and Elegance

In the realm of government buildings, security takes precedence. To protect the occupants of the West Block, AMBICO’s role expanded to encompass a variety of bullet-resistant and blast-resistant door and frame assemblies. Striking the right balance between security and visual appeal, AMBICO supplied an array of products, from doors with brass finishes to stainless steel openings, ensuring that the charm of Parliament resonates throughout its halls.

A Landmark Achievement

The West Block Parliament and Visitor Welcome Centre project represent a crowning achievement in AMBICO’s portfolio. The scale of this undertaking presented distinctive challenges, met head-on by AMBICO’s extensive experience and tailor-made products that cater to the contemporary needs of lawmakers in a demanding democratic setting.

Wrapping Up

As the doors of the West Block Parliament and the Visitor Welcome Centre swing open, the impact of AMBICO is evident in the seamless blend of functionality and sophistication. The Visitor Welcome Centre warmly invites visitors to step back in time, while the West Block symbolizes the flawless integration of history and modernity. AMBICO’s expertise in crafting specialized door solutions has left an indelible mark on this iconic location, ensuring that the legacy of Canada’s governance remains secure and timeless.