Bronx Community College in New York City

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Client: Jack Travol
Project Start: 24/04/2020
Product Required: 5900 Product
Investors Website:
Client Location: Slovenija, Ljubljana
Value: 587.000$
Other: Your Custom


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The revitalization of historic buildings presents a captivating challenge for architects and building teams. At Bronx Community College in New York City, AMBICO embraced this challenge by providing a transformative solution: the implementation of AMBICO’s steel Recessed Panel Doors & Frames. With a legacy dating back to 1959, the Bronx campus was ripe for renovation, and AMBICO’s innovation breathed new life into this enduring institution.

Restoring Historic Integrity

There is a special satisfaction in preserving the historical integrity of iconic community buildings while incorporating cutting-edge technology that meet the demands of current building codes, accessibility, and access control requirements. AMBICO relishes the opportunity to work with architects to revive and renovate historically significant structures. The retrofit project at Bronx Community College stands as a testament to AMBICO’s dedication to maintaining architectural heritage while showcasing its expertise in crafting “specialized” door and frame products.

AMBICO's Contribution

AMBICO supplied twelve 16-gauge steel seamless edge recessed panel doors along with six 14-gauge steel double frames. Aesthetic variety was achieved through the installation of eight decorative doors featuring two panels and four decorative doors adorned with four panels. The project also incorporated steel recessed panel transoms, contributing to the overall design. All was made to mimic the appearance of the original wood doors.

Unveiling the Details

The essence of AMBICO’s Recessed Panel Doors lies in their meticulously crafted panels. Each panel is individually manufactured and deeply recessed into the door face, creating a distinct “shadow” effect around the perimeter of every rectangular panel. The panel sizes were tailored to the unique requirements of the project, demonstrating the versatility of this approach. Remarkably, this decorative style seamlessly blends an “old-world” recessed panel motif with contemporary security materials and advanced insulation, showcasing the synergy between tradition and technology.


The retrofit project at Bronx Community College serves as an inspiring example of how AMBICO’s expertise in specialized door and frame products can transform historical landmarks into renewed symbols of architectural brilliance. Through the marriage of tradition and innovation, AMBICO continues to shape the future while respecting the past.