West Block Parliament and the Visitor Welcome Center

AMBICO was first approached in early 2016 to work collaboratively with the design team responsible for the major renovations of the Canadian government in Ottawa on Parliament Hill. AMBICO also provided comments into the feasibility of conceptual designs of highly custom doors for the adjacent Visitors Welcome Centre. AMBICO’s role became much more significant once asked to provide over 50 doors and frames of various types, decorative, engineered, and both, for the West Block Rehabilitation project. Both projects showcase the extensive range of products AMBICO can offer for high-profile projects where aesthetics and performance requirements are equally important.

The Visitor Welcome Centre

AMBICO is excited and honoured to be a part of the Visitors Welcome Centre; the first new construction project to be built on parliament hill in over 100 years. The Visitors Welcome Centre was designed to transition visitors from the modern world we live into the historical heart of Canada: Parliament. AMBICO worked closely with the project architect and engineering firms as well as other trades to create unmistakable entrance doors for those who choose to visit the center of Canada’s government. Integrated into the decorative millwork and hand-crafted bronze features are both bullet resistant and blast resistant features that fit seamlessly into the welcoming entrance way.

The West Block

The West Block, finished in 1906, is a building that was unavailable to the public for the majority of its history, housing a branch of the Parliamentary Library, offices for MPs, committee rooms as well as preserved pre-Confederation spaces. West Block opened for public tours when it was chosen to house the interim House of Commons. Acoustic wood and acoustic steel doors were requested.

Of course, security was of paramount importance; to protect the occupants of West Block a variety of bullet resistant and blast resistant door and frame assemblies were specified. Many door and frame assemblies had to meet multiple stringent performance requirements. Decorative products such as brass clad doors, stainless steel doors and even stone clad doors were provided to ensure Parliament does not lose its regal charm.

All of these products amounted to one of the most significant and most important projects AMBICO has ever undertaken. The variety and volume of the products created many challenges, but in the end, it was a project that AMBICO was especially well suited to complete due to the company’s wealth of experience and products that are designed to the needs of modern lawmakers in a demanding democratic environment.

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